About ERN

ERN - Syndicated Radio Programming & Sustaining Services for English Language Radio

ERN provides syndicated radio programmes to FM, Satellite, Digital and online radio stations across the globe.

Hit Music Network - Sustaining Service for FM and Online Radio Stations

ERN is one of the founding partners of the Hit Music Network. This service offers a professional sustaining service for English language radio stations around the clock.

Our programming is designed to fit into your schedule, giving radio stations programming at a fraction of the cost of hiring presenters to work through the night for instance.

The fully customisable system, allows stations to upload their own branding and adverts, meaning that as far as the listner is concerned, the station is always on the air. This makes your station sound bigger, increases listening periods, and gives your advertisers more impact. No longer will your station have "down time" due to schedule constraints or illness.

There are no restrictions on use either, meaning that once you are subscribed, you can access content for as little or as long as you require it.

For more details, look at the Hit Music Network website.

Programmes, News and Content

ERN produces professional radio programmes, news content and web based content for English Language Media around the globe through a number of key brands.

Airplay40 with Spencer James

The top 40 Songs as broadcast on English Language Radio around the globe. The chart is the definitive guide to what is played on English Language Radio. Based upon airplay from over 60 radio stations and to an audience of over 3.05 million listeners, Airplay40 has become the landmark programme for Sunday afternoons on stations across the globe. Seen as one of the most musically relevant programmes on English radio, the programme has grown and grown since it's launch in June 2009. Find out more at www.airplay40.com

Airplay40 Chart Rewind

The Airplay40 Chart Rewind is a 2 hour, syndicated radio programme which plays the top 10 singles and top 5 album tracks from a chosen year every hour. With a series of clues, and with tips and memories, can you figure out what the chosen year is? This is crafted as an audience lenght of time hour builder, with a varied mix of music and over 50 years worth of chart archives to choose from. Find out more at www.airplay40.com/rewind

ERN Showbiz News

As part of The Airplay40 Chart, ERN Showbiz News is a weekly round up of the latest showbiz headlines. From our team of journalists and reporters. Hosted by editor Martin Jefferies. Find out more at airplay40.com/showbiz-news


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